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My first experience of working as an IT professional was in corporate IT. I worked in an organisation that operated 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It was high pressure and very demanding. I ended up as a Manager/Practitioner, that means that I managed a large team of technicians but still worked in a technical role. A really challenging environment that I enjoyed enormously. After 9 years of commuting from the Canterbury area to Maidstone I wanted a change in life style so I setup my own business. I have never regretted it, it's just as challenging but with infinite variety and the pleasure of meeting different people every day. I established Redfearn Computing in April 2008 it was my intention from the beginning that I would be and remain a sole trader and work alone. I believe that this helps me maintain standards. I am always delighted when a new client comes to me by way of a recommendation from another client.
Before working in IT I served 30 years as a Police Officer in Kent, the last few years were spent in the IT department.

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